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You wear a bra every day, so it’s important to invest in quality. If a bra is not good enough, you will not only look and feel bad, but may also end up suffering from health problems further down the line. For example, regularly wearing bras that don’t offer you enough support can lead to back trouble. It’s therefore important to wear a good quality bra, but what makes a bra of high quality? There are a number of smaller questions to ask yourself when trying to answer this question.

Does it offer you enough support?

Poor quality bras don’t tend to have the sturdiness needed to support your chest. You can tell when you’re wearing a poor quality bra, because your breasts visibly sag and you feel uncomfortable, especially around the chest, neck, shoulder, and back areas. A good quality bra, however, will lift your breasts up, instantly improve your posture and won’t put any strain on any part of your body.

Does it fit like it’s supposed to?

If you’ve been properly measured and you know for sure what your bra size is, any bra you buy should fit well. If it rubs your skin or is slack in places, then it isn’t good quality. Good quality bras in your size should feel comfortable, like a second skin. You should hardly be aware of the fact that you’re wearing a bra.

Does it go well with everything?

Some bras look better with certain types and styles of clothes than they do with others. However, no good quality bra will look completely horrible with any item of clothing.

Are the straps strong?

Wider bra straps tend to be used on bras designed to give extra support, but that doesn’t mean that narrow straps should break easily. Whatever their width and style, good quality straps will be strong enough to stay in one piece and in one place.

Does the back strap ride up?

Even more important than the shoulder straps is the back strap, otherwise known as the band. The band is the part of the bra that provides the most support. A good quality bra that’s the right size will have a band that will stay in place without rubbing your skin, digging into it, or riding up.

Will it shrink when washed?

Provided you follow the garment care guidelines on the bra’s label, it shouldn’t shrink in size when you wash and dry it. If it does, it most probably isn’t a good quality bra.

Does the elastic last?

Again, if you follow the garment care guidelines correctly, the elastic in a good quality bra will last for more than a few washes. All too often, poor quality bras only have to be washed a couple of times for them to lose some of their elasticity, good looks, and support.

When it comes to bras, quality is a very important factor. High quality bras provide more support, last longer, and look better than cheap bras. In the long run, these high quality bras, while costing more can actually save you money. Beyond this, high quality bras will be more comfortable, and make you feel good inside and out. Some of the best quality bras available are made by Wacoal, Chantelle, and Le Mystere.

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