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Most countries have their own unique systems for the sizing of women's clothing, and in this case, the sizing of bras. Italy is no exception.

Why Know My Italian Bra Size

Italy has a long history in the arts, fashion and design. Think Michalangelo, Leonardo DiVinci, Gucci, Prada, Versace, The Vespa, and Ferarri. The same passion and devotion to beauty so ingrained in Italian culture shows itself in just about anything made in Italy. Bras are no exception.

If you've ever had the pleasure of wearing a beautiful Italian bra, you know why they are so sought after. Italian bras are true works of art, and are made to be seen rather than hidden. They are made of the most luxurious fabrics, and showcase beautiful embellishments and details. Many Italian bras are available in beautiful colors and offer matching panties. You will feel good wearing an Italian bra.

Some of the most well-known Italian lingerie designers include La Perla and Cosabella.

While it's generally hard to find Italian bras for sale in US stores, they are much easier to find online to those seeking them out. Also online, you can find much better deals on some of these designer label bras.

US to Italian Bra Size Conversion

US Size Italian Size
32 1
34 2
36 3
38 4
40 5
42 6
44 7

As for cup sizes, the Italians are pretty much the same as the Americans, except when you get into the larger sizes.

US Cup Size Italian Cup Size

At US size DDD, the Italian system goes down a cup size, so a US DDD/F is equaivalent to an Italian E. A US G cup size is similar to an Italian F cup size.

To get a good sense for how you fit into an Italian bra, head over to a luxury department store or lingerie boutique, and try on a few Italian bras. Once you know your Italian bra size, you can pick up one or two of these beautiful bras for special occasions!

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