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The Best Bras, The Best Prices

We're on a mission at Classy, and the mission is to help you find bras that are attractive, comfortable, supportive, well-made, and above all, affordable.

We understand the need of women to wear bras that are beautiful in design. Bras that use the best materials to create an attractive silhouette. The kinds of bras that look fabulous on the hanger, and even more fabulous on the wearer. The bras that create an inner sense of confidence and beauty. Unknown to so many, these bras are real, and they are available in a wide variety of sizes, for all body types and shapes. Classy Bras is dedicated to bringing these beautiful bras to you, so you can know that what you're wearing is special, attractive, and elegant.

At Classy Bras, we also understand the need to wear bras that, in addition to being beautiful, are also comfortable. So often we sacrifice our comfort for bras that feature feminine details such as lace and embroidery. We wear bras that feature excessive padding and awkward design to give our breasts the illusion of fullness and roundness. We allow our underwires to poke, all in the name of fashion. We want beautiful bras that are comfortable enough for all-day wearing. We are here to tell you that you can have both beauty and comfort in a bra, it is only a matter of knowing where to look.

As we age, our breasts grow larger and are less immune to the effects of gravity. We demand bras that can support them, comfortably, and attractively. As our bodies mature and change, we so often find less to love about them. With the help of a high quality bra, we can restore a sense of feminine beauty. A supportive bra with feminine details and comfortable design is not a fantasy, it is real, and it is attainable. These are the bras that can make you feel younger and more confident, these are the bras that we feature at Classy Bras.

So many bras on the market fall short of our expectations. So often, we find bras that are beautiful, yet poorly made. We find that so many bras begin to fade in color after just a few washes, or the elastic begins to give. We find bras where the lace begins to unravel, or the underwires begin to poke. We wonder where we can find bras that offer durability without looking utilitarian. We want bras that are built to last, yet offer feminine details, and all-day comfort. At Classy Bras, we have found them, and we are pleased to offer them to you.

Many women know that you can have beauty, comfort and support in a bra, but often this combination of features comes at a heavy price. High-end department stores and boutiques have entire sections devoted to these great bras, yet their high prices prohibit most women from ever wearing one. At Classy Bras, we are dedicated to bringing these high-end bras to you at unexpected prices. Prices that will change your view of what luxury can be had in a bra when you know where to look.

Classy Bras is dedicated to helping you wear bras that offer uncompromising beauty, detail, craftsmanship, support, elegance, and comfort.

We think you will be thrilled at what you see here.

Be well and feel good,

The Classy Bras Team